Technical Features of Ko-ken ToolsRatchets and Hinge handles have knurling on the grip to ensure the tool can be held securely.Extension bars also have 6-point knurling on the outside of the female square drive. This gives a grip to hold with your ngers as well as preventing the tool from rolling on at surfaces.KNURLINGOVAL SHAPE SHANKUnique designed oval shape shank provides extra strength and durability.El particular diseño de caña de sección Ovalada proporciona más resistencia y duración.One use as a exible extension bar permitting movement up to 15°angle and the other as a normal extension bar.Una, como alargadera exible que permite trabajar con un ángulo de 15°,otra,como alargadera normal.FixWobbleWOBBLE-FIX15°15°011


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