IMPACT WHEEL NUT SOCKETSPARK PLUG SOCKETIt is designed to grip a spark plug securely at its hexagonal part by two stainless spring clips.Internal brass guide holds the clips in place ensuring perfect alignment of the spark plug into the threaded plughole of the cylinder head and thus preventing thread damage. The brass guide also eliminates stress loading and possible damage to the ceramic insulator.Thin-walled shape and 110mm length gives extra reach for nuts recessed deep inside the wheel. They are ideal for aluminum wheel nuts where access to nut is very tight. Color coded shafts make size identi cation easy.CLIP TYPEEXTRA THIN-WALLEDTechnical Features of Ko-ken ToolsSOCKET BODYBRASSSPARK PLUGSPRING CLIPPLASTIC PROTECTORA detachable plastic protector is tted to the socket to prevent damage to the wheel when working in tight areas. The socket size and Ko-ken Mark printed on the shaft makes it easier to see if the socket is still rotating or stopped.015


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