Z-Series : FeatureISO/DIN/JISAcross Flat[ Z-type ]Across FlatJIS(Bolt)Accross FlatTolerance - Across FlatHhSocket Across Flat StandardSizeBolt Across Flat Standard[Z-type]3400MZ-10[Standard]3400M-10φ14.02620φ14.5[Z-type]2400MZ-10[Standard]2400M-10φ13.52214φ14.3COMPACT2400MZ, 3400MZ and 4400MZ are designed 5-14mm shorter than standard 2400M, 3400M and 4400M. Ideal for working in confined and tight areas.TOLERANCE-Hexagon OpeningKo-ken standard sockets are manufactured according to DIN/ISO standards. The tolerances of Z-Series sockets are precisely controlled to achieve a more positive fit between bolt and socket.ISO/DINISO/DIN[ Z-type ]Tolerance - Across Flat凹across flat standard9.53mm凸across flat standardsMaleSquareSpringSteel BallFemaleSquare[Z-type]TOLERANCE-Square DriveManufacturing tolerance of Male and Female Square are precisely controlled to achieve a more secure fit between Socket and Handle.BALL HOLDING GROOVEOriginal Ball Holding system is applied on Z-series.This mechanism gives secure connection between Socket and Handle.Comparing Light Ratchet Movement[ Z-EAL ]3725Z[ Standard ]3753N[ A ]36 tooth[ B ]36 tooth[cNm]51.9cNm1.9cNm8.5cNm6.5cNm* A, B : Other BrandRATCHET HANDLESmaller head with 36 tooth gear and light ratchet movement allow working in narrow space and confined areas.sSpecifications or design of any product in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.Las especificaciones o el diseño de cualquiera de los productos de este catálogo están sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso.Z-series020Z-SERIESHANDMANUALESTITANIUMDE TITANIOACCESSORIESACCESORIOSSCREWDRIVERSDESTORNILLADORESIMPACTDE IMPACTOSLEEVE-DRIVEINDUSTRIALINDUSTRIALESPROTECTORPROTECTORESAUTOMOTIVECONSTRUCTIONCONSTRUCCIÓNRENEWAL KITSJUEGOS DE PIEZAS REPUESTO


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