110PLASTIC PROTECTORPLASTICD2D114201M 3 Pieces Set/=690gCARDBOARD BOX:W125×H95×T34mm Sockets14145PM.110 Impact Wheel Nut Sockets17, 19, 2114145PM.110(mm)D1(mm)D2(mm)ℓ(mm)ShaftColor(g)(pcs.)1723.725.2212085*11925.727.2232195*12127.529252265*1222930.5262385*1*1 C-Ring=1401C, Pin/O-Ring=1401A/B P250-251Impact Wheel Nut Sockets-Extra Thin wallSpecial design for wheel nut work.-110mm length gives socket extra reach for nuts recessed deep inside the wheel and ideal for Aluminum wheel nuts where access to nut is very tight.-Blue (17mm), Red (19mm), Yellow (21mm) and White (22mm), colour coded shafts make size identi cation easy.-Plastic insert helps prevent damaged to wheel nut.Please note that thin walled design is only for wheel nut work and Torque rating is limited.A detachable plastic protector is tted to the socket to prevent damage to the wheel when working in tight areas.The socket size and Ko-ken mark printed on the shaft makes it easier to see if the socket is still rotating or stopped.14201M 14145PM-110 Wheel Nut Sockets SetJuego de Vasos para RuedaWheel Nut SocketsVasos para Rueda198-17 : Spare Plastic Protector for 14145PM.110-17 : 10 pcs.198-19 : Spare Plastic Protector for 14145PM.110-19 : 10 pcs.198-21 : Spare Plastic Protector for 14145PM.110-21 : 10 pcs.198-22 : Spare Plastic Protector for 14145PM.110-22 : 10 pcs.280PM(mm)D1(mm)D2(mm)ℓ(mm)L(mm)H(mm)ShaftColor(g)(pcs.)1925.727.213521915052127.5291355211805D1D2LHPLASTICPLASTIC PROTECTOR280PM Adaptor Socket for Low Pro le Wheel NutVaso Adaptador para tuercas de Llantas de per l bajoScratch on WheelScratch on WheelDesigned for Low Profile Wheel nut socket.Detachable plastic protector is fitted to the adaptor to prevent damage to painted or surface treatment area on the wheel.The Plastic insert locate inside of the adaptor helps prevent damage to wheel nut.Colour coded band make size identification easy.Diseñado para Vasos de Tuercas de Llantas de perfil bajoProtector plástico desmontable es ajustado al adaptador para proteger la superficie pintada o con recubrimiento superficial de la llanta El inserto plástico localizado dentro del adaptador, protege la tuerca de la llantaLa banda coloreada consigue una fácil identificación de la medida HubWheelHubWheelLow ProfileWheel Nut14145PM.110-21Wheel Nut Socket280PM-21Adaptor SocketAutomotive Tools277Z-SERIESHANDMANUALESTITANIUMDE TITANIOACCESSORIESACCESORIOSSCREWDRIVERSDESTORNILLADORESIMPACTDE IMPACTOSLEEVE-DRIVEINDUSTRIALINDUSTRIALESPROTECTORPROTECTORESAUTOMOTIVECONSTRUCTIONCONSTRUCCIÓNRENEWAL KITSJUEGOS DE PIEZAS REPUESTO


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