Straight Sidewalls & Reduced Recess Fall Away• Increase tool engagement• Virtually eliminates camout• Ensures proper torque transfer• Greatly reduces end load requirements• Can reduce worker fatigue and muscular stress during manual assemblyElliptically-based Geometry and Lobe Engagement• Broadens contact surface to maximize engagement of driver and recess • Eliminates damaging point-to-point contact0° Drive Angle• Optimises torque transmission• Virtually eliminates radial stresses to increase tool bit life• Enables use of recesses with thinner wallsSix Lobes with Large Cross-Sectional Areas• Enables faster tool engagement• Maximizes torque transfer• Increases torsional strengthTORX PLUSTORXEP/EPL-styleE-styleD2D1LℓD1D2Lℓ4425-EPL 4450M 4400LH RS4400LH/6 RS4450M/10 D2D1LℓRS4400LH/6 6 Pieces Set/Rail 200mm(g)6S, 8S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S430RS4450M/10 10 Pieces Set/Rail 300mm(g)10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22717RS4425/6-EPL 6 Pieces Set/Rail 200mm(g)10EPL, 12EPL, 14EPL, 16EPL, 18EPL, 20EPL3904425(EPL)D1(mm)D2(mm)ℓ(mm)L(mm)(g)(pcs.)10EPL13.221 6.236451012EPL14.621 7.237471014EPL16.521 8.137491016EPL1922 9.237601018EPL20.32210.237601020EPL22.92211.23765104450M(mm)D1(mm)D2(mm)ℓ(mm)L(mm)(g)(pcs.)1015.321 636 44101116.521 6.536 46101217.821 736 4610131922 836 57101420.322 8.536 54101521.522 936 52101622.822 936 6010172423 9.536 681018252410.536 77101926.52511.536 851021292712371101022302812.537105102432.83014.539130 52736.53316.540139 54400LH(LH-S)D1(mm)D2(mm)ℓ(mm)L(mm)(g)(pcs.) 6S13.221 5.636 4410 8S16.521 6.837 461010S1922 837 531012S22.822 9.237 621014S252410.437 741016S292711.63810210TORXPLUS® SocketsVasos TORXPLUS®RS4425/6-EPL Socket Set on RailJuego de Vasos en RegletaNut Grip Sockets Nut Grip®Vasos Sujeta-Tuercas Nut Grip®Socket Set on RailJuego de Vasos en RegletaSocket Set on RailJuego de Vasos en RegletaLHS SocketsVasos LHS1/2”097Hand SocketsZ-SERIESHANDMANUALESTITANIUMDE TITANIOACCESSORIESACCESORIOSSCREWDRIVERSDESTORNILLADORESIMPACTDE IMPACTOSLEEVE-DRIVEINDUSTRIALINDUSTRIALESPROTECTORPROTECTORESAUTOMOTIVECONSTRUCTIONCONSTRUCCIÓNRENEWAL KITSJUEGOS DE PIEZAS REPUESTO


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